Xbox 360 Fix: Fix my Xbox 360

How to Eject a Stuck XBOX DVD Drive

Got a drive that tries to eject but the tray just won’t come out? Try this method.

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  • Thank you. You saved me from throwing my Xbox through my window.

  • Nm i fixed it =] I just hit it. =]]

  • Thank you so much!!!! YUo are MAGIC!

  • push the eject button and then put the paper clip in the hold after you hear the drive move push the paper clip in and it will have to be manually pulled out.

  • My eject button thing you are talking about didnt work. It just stayed in and now the eject hole button is also stuck…know how to fix it?

  • Tap the top above the disk drive and it usually opens, if not stick a ruler underneath the top into the drive and try wiggling it out

  • @britneyrocks1 just punch the top of the Xbox a few times and it will

  • mines still wont open any other ideas?

  • I LOVE YOU!!! IT IS FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There is a hole above the eject button. Push a paperclip in it after you push eject. This will make the disc tray open.

  • Dude you are a lifesaver! :) i had my xbox apart & everything & still it wouldnt open :( watched your video & it popped open first time :) thanks.

  • Thankyou now i dont have to throw it out the window!!

  • i do a little tap in the top of the xbox and it opens it works trust me

  • If this actually works I’ll give you head.

  • good thinking b2! lol

  • Red ring of death.

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