Xbox 360 Fix: Fix my Xbox 360

How To Fix A Broken Xbox 360 dvd disc Drive This is a guide i made for all those suffering from Broken Disc Drives. Fixing the Rod red ring of death. Broken Xbox 360. http

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  • It’s finally here. JungleFlasher® has just released their latest iXtreme 1.71 firmware update for the Xbox 360 as promised. You can download it at 101gamer. org for free.

  • ive got a coupple questions. will this also work with the hitachi disc drive and is this fix ligit enough so i wont get banned from live? thanks.

  • if i but the new disk drive am i going to have to flash it my self or does it come with it all ready on it ?

  • Good vid man, just wanted to make sure this fix is legit and not going to be broken in a week. I just got this 360 about 6 months ago and now sometimes the disk tray gets stuck and when it does open it wont read any of my games! I just want someone to tell me this fix is going to last longer then a week because i don’t have the money to send this thing to microsoft. Please reply,Thanks.

  • well am not trying to flash mine or out but just hope this video works for me mine does not read games or music so thought it was laser ill just wait and see now thanks for the video.

  • yo my XBOX reads disks but when i play the games the screan looks bad there are like some white lines going up and down alot of lines so i was just wondering if there is something i can do to fix this problem

  • you have to format ur hard drive. when you format your hard drive then you go to the same screen and press xx lb rb xx then go to yes wen it says matinence. if that does not work turn of your xbox then from the console pess the sync button and hold it then turn xbox but keep holding the sync button then your done

  • hey, i replaced the drive a couple months ago it worked for about 4 months? but now it has a different prob. now instead of freezing it has the E71 black screen pop up. is there a part i could use from my old drive to fix the problem on this drive? any help would be much appreciated thanks

  • i got the drive off ur website did everything but the disc tray will not open. is it a bad drive you guys sent?

  • ya you need a new motor which can’t really be found without getting ahold of a spare or replacement disc drive, all but the BenQ should be a quick swap [i’m guessing bc the BenQ has wires that must be cut and reconnected

  • i did everything and my disc drive opens but doesnt read discs. what the fuck.

  • Can u help me? because my xbox still cant read my games I cleaned it…

  • Thanks dude i’ve opend my Xbox with ur other video “how to open a Xbox 360 console” and now i know the problem half… i know when the laser is @ the far back it is stuck… i can push it but when its open… now i’ve to get a Xbox 360 drive and get a satadata cable (its called Sata&Data calbe and u need a SATE soket in ur pc on the motherbord!) thatsflashing! ur xbox! u need to to that with the sata&data cable ! just like that u can flash!

  • I opened my xbox and saw that disc is trying to spin but it can’t so the laser just shuts off, The motor might need some lube, But! I can make it spin just by giving it a boost, that worked for a while then the disc will stop suddenly and it wouldn’t spin anymore and it’s been scratching my games so I suggest not to do it.

  • is this procedure the same with the Phillips BenQ drives and I thought there was a key code needed from original drives to be installed on new drive…?? please reply

  • i am dealing with the same problem.. wear after “reading” it says “open tray” …there are multiple failures that could have occured to cause this; (1) bad laser (2) bad motor (3) bad laser alignment (4) you need a new drive

  • My Drive doesn’t start when i turn on my console NOTE: i HAVE A RROD XBOX 360.

    I guess my mistake was that I plugged the drive when the console was plugged to the wall.

    Do I need to replace my drive or just repari it?

  • I have to open and close my disc tray for about 4 hours before the game works. is this to do with that? please reply.

  • My cd’s do not spin at all. I took it apart cleaned it with alcohol and then re-lubed it. it still doesnt work.. why wont my disks spin at all?

  • lol the disc drive that he held up woz actually a dvd drive and only plays dvd, read the label next time dooch lol :P

  • Can you use another XBox’s disc drive to do this?
    Because I have an XBox with red ring, and one that is not reading discs. So can I just take the REd ring and its disc drive and put in other one?

  • Does someone know of a video that tells me how to FIX the disc drive instead of replacing it?

  • You dont need special tools to open your 360 dude, just a screwdriver and some time…

  • please help which determine the region of xbox 360 ?? is it the dvd rom or the motherboard ?? and if a put a dvdrom from pal console to ntsc is this will work

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