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How to Fix Xbox 360 Error 68 and Xbox Repair Red Ring

E68 – Contact Xbox Customer Support, if you see that message above on a black screen, along with the lower-right quadrant of the “Ring of Light” on the front of your console flashing red, it means you are facing the Xbox 360 error 68 and you should know the way for Xbox repair red ring and fix E68 error.

Xbox 360 error 68, also known as E68 or Error 68, is quite common. Some gamers sometimes find it occur upon booting up, with about 4 different languages popped up. It means that Xbox 360 has insufficient power to function properly. It may happen due to a hardware failure within the Xbox hard drive, or you have unnecessary accessories attached to the console.

The way for Xbox repair red ring and fix E68 error, take these steps:

1. Switch off your Xbox 360.

2. Switch it back on. If the code doesn’t recur, it may just be a random hardware fluke and you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, do the next steps.

3. Switch off your Xbox 360 one more time.

4. Detach any unnecessary accessories.

5. Detach the hard disk drive. To do this, press the latch on the front of the hard drive caddy and lift it from the top of the console.

6. Reinstall the hard drive.

7. Switch on your Xbox 360.

8. If you deal with the same problem all over again, get the automatic latest update from Xbox Live. To do this, switch off the console, detach the hard disk drive, and then-using an Ethernet cable-connect the console to the Internet. Other simple trick is by running a recent game (2007 or newer). It will immediately install the automatic update.

If you are still experiencing the same problem after trying to take all above steps, you have 3 options.

First, send your Xbox 360 back to Microsoft. They will repair it in no less than 8 weeks for up to $200.

Second, purchase a new hard disk drive. However, this can be quite expensive and you may lose your saved game files.

Third, Xbox repair red ring and fix Xbox 360 error 68 yourself, it’s seem very difficult, but you can do it easily by following the reliable Xbox 360 fix guides that’re very popular on internet. There are few guides that worked well and already be proved from the Xbox gamers around the world, you can see them by Click Here!

Now, it’s very easy for Xbox repair red ring and fix Xbox 360 error 68 yourself, and you can back to play you beloved games in 2-3 hours.

There?s no need to wait for months to get your console back, and there?s no need to pay $150 for expensive repairs. Simply fix your console yourself with the use of Xbox 360 Repair Guide .
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