Xbox 360 Fix: Fix my Xbox 360

Xbox 360 headset mic fix

How to fix your xbox 360 microphone. You need a soldering iron.

  • @sirfizzyfish me too!

  • hey how do you fix it if you can talk but cant hear?

  • please help me when i do my wire’d control it works but in my regualr xbox 630 controller it won’t work i replaced battieries and stuff and i don’t wanna do the wire control becuase i stink at it it has a differant shape 2 it

  • what do if my xbox headset shows me talking but i’m not even talking or nothing it makes a weird noise thats what my friends say

  • hey i cant videos about how to fix the wire on the mics

  • my mic still works, my friends send me messeges sayin they can hear me, i just cant hear them on my headset unless i unplug it and hear them throug my tv
    its not on mute or anything, it stopped working in the middle of a game
    volume isent the problem either
    dont bother commenting back, im exchanging it, i just wanted to say it
    idk why, im that bored

  • @sirfizzyfish I have the same problem too : / I could talk but not hear.

  • Hey man whenever i plug in my headset it makes weird sounds and i always have to adjust and if i move the speaker and mic goes out whats wrong with it????

  • i have the original mic, and i can hear people, but i cant talk, and i have the newer mic that i can talk and cant hear people unless i unplug my mic…. any mic that isnt microsoft thats worth buying?

  • i need help when am in a party or on game chat my friends tell me they hear alot of noises in my mic but i cant hear the noises i unpluged and plug my mic over and over again but it still fail like sometimes it will work but then it will go back to the dam sounds that bather my friends can u help me out

  • Works! thank you so much ive been trying to fix it forever

  • @sirfizzyfish buy a new 1 at a pond shop like 5 dollers there

  • um the hearing part of my mic is broken like i plug it in and the pops and stuff like its trying to conevt any help?

  • @sirfizzyfish
    yes it happens to everyone for there poor soldering skills on m$ part just pop off the ear peace and re solder the wires easy as that

  • @65funstuff heyy umm i have JUST bought a new mic not even messed with and i plug it in yaaay so i go and i saw heyy whats up hello? can anybody hear me!!?? no awnswer i can hear them but no one can hear me is there any other way?? besides buying another and this?


  • use a small tip so it is easy to get into!! Lmao

  • i can talk but i cant hear anything how do i fix it

  • i need help my friends hear ecos in my mic how do i fix it?

  • plzzz anser i tried puting in and out rllly rlly fast it worked…then i went to get some snack adn then it dosnt work tried it agian and yet it dosnt work :(

  • do oyu have some sort of low music on or is it just somone playing a violon in the background? lol

  • my headset works but one day I stepped on it and the stick for the mic came out of the headphone part but the wire still hangs from it. How could I fix it

  • thats weird it probably broke in between the switch and the headphone. may be hard to fix. if it’s really dead try Dealextreme and look for Xbox headset they have them for less than $5

  • “if you can hear others but no one can hear you, then its probably the microphone that’s broken, so try to fix it using this vid”

    this happened to me just randomly today wen i was playen halo 3!!!!

  • Hello I need help with something my mic is broke but it shows the symbol that its pluged but I can’t hear anyone and I can’t talk through it could you please tell me what to do to fix it.

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