Xbox 360 Fix: Fix my Xbox 360

xbox 360 ‘open tray’ laser FIX

This is how I fixed a friends xbox360 laser. It did take me a good 4 trys to get the right tightness of the screws. Hope that this works for you. If you have any problems please post a comment or pm me. Music is viridian by between the buried and me. Please Subscribe for the best in everything

  • grr it doesnt work and made it worser :( it doesnt read no more and i lost the little screw thing that i kept turning to much and now i dont think it will work anymore. anyone help me? please i dont think i can play my xbox no more grrr HELP!

  • @1white999 k thnx

  • @tastysirloin1 4th

  • @tastysirloin1 4th

  • @1white999 did it work your first time

  • @1white999 so i heard you have to do it a couple times to get it to work

  • @tastysirloin1 thats what I found yes, whats your point?

  • @1white999 so i heard you have to try it a bunch of times to get it to work

  • @tastysirloin1 thats because in this vid the knife never touched the xbox. I didnt wanna try and do it whilst holding the camera and knife in one hand. I just moved the knife in mid air to show my point. If you did put the knife into the screws/rivets whatever, they do turn, I can assure you

  • I don’t see the knife actually ‘turning’ anything. It looks like you are only moving the knife up & down with the point in the rivet head. What exactly are you doing here? We have tried ‘turning’ it to the left and it really doesn’t turn! It looks to be a rivet and NOT a screw. If it is a rivet, it will not ‘unscrew or screw in. I’m confused about exactly how to manipulate this item!

  • lol @ the health warning trying this now

  • far cry 2 iss shttt lol
    why do you have 21 profiles and i know an easier way
    Just message me and i will tell you

  • @1white999 Yeah actually i burn my lens lol. So first i replace the lens but i figure out that its not smooth. So now i replace the whole dvd rom. There only fix for open trey error is that you change your DVD Rom Thats all.

  • @Beasthomas8667 i Change my whole DVD rom Now Dude.

  • @udevil7 You burned out your laser by turning it too much. You will have to replace the laser, or all i can say is sucks for you

  • @SergeantKill117 alls I can suggest is to keep on trying, it often takes people multiple tries to get the right orientation of the screws

  • @REAPEr3900 Thanks for trying the fix when it didn’t work first time, happy I could help :)

  • Thanks mate. Took me a couple tries aligning it, but it works again. you saved me $200.

  • tried this three times, all while changing the direction of the screws each time, the second time it tried loading for a while but didnt work out, and the third time it went straight to the “open tray”, is there something im doing wrong?

  • nice health warning

  • Odpovědět na toto video…

  • @1white999 Thank you very much guy

  • @udevil7 you should know that if youre going to tamper with the inner workings of your xbox there is a chance it will break. If you look down through the comments you will see that this fix works. It may be that your problem was not the same as the one that this fix fixes. Or maybe you just made mistakes and broke something when doing the fix. I dont really appreciate you complaining about me when all I am trying to do is pass my knowledge of how to fix it. Im sorry it didnt work for you.

  • @1white999 i did this fix.But xbox read nothing now. before this my xbx read some of my games. Tell me what i do

  • Hey i did this fix. Before this fix some of my games run. But now i really thanks to you none of my game work. I jusr insert the disk and the next momment it say open trey. Thank you Man.

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