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Xbox 360 power brick supply repair

This might not work for everyone but figure it would post. Playing game it it just quit. Have not had any issues before this. Wiggled power cord at power brick that comes from wall it would kick off and on. Hold it really hard to one side and i could get 360 to work. most times amber light would come on but when i try to power up 360 power brick would die. So ripped it apart and fixed it. FOR FREE. Fuse I think was a 250v 8ah. i know it was 250v just not exact on amps. Sorry for some reason my software did not join all the videos I made to one. SO in thinking it did I erased the rest. BUT Xbox 360 Power Brick works perfect. Any questions let me know. I searched for this before I posted and it looks like no one has shown it yet. SO hope it helps.

  • i wish you showed the whole exact way

  • dont know where you buy these things but i bought a brand new 100% original for 240sek (thats about 24 us dollar, or 30 euro) on a gamestore.

  • omg thanks so much

  • got this problem as well now all of a sudden. Brick feels really warm as well (although lots of space around it). Another of dozens of problems I’ve encountered since getting a 360 in 2005. Most frustrating and on the other hand the best console i’ve ever had. That microsoft couldn’t make a durable good product is beyond me. Idiots problably did it on purpose so that pple have to give them money all the time to fix problems like this. That’s what you get with made in china stuff.

  • Yeah me too i did that a couple saturdays ago and im getting it soon prob today

  • If he jumped the fuse anyway, what would the redesign do for someone who doesn’t intend to replace the fuse?

  • It’s all Microsoft’s fault.

  • you could buy a new power brick there is a new cheap Chinese version , It will cost you 25$ or even less , because they sell them here in saudi arabia for that much

  • yea they cost up to 90 dollars in a store and like 30 online but then you have to wait a week or more for it to ship not to mention there are tons of different power bricks out there so good luck finding one that fits your console in a store stop being so ignorant 10 dollars you wish

  • @samchar123 ya thats wat i did

  • =O what a delicious idea! I already broke it open though.. It was just clogged with TONS of dust.

  • @CharlestonChew03 Instead of punching more holes in it, blow it out with a air compressor, it works incredibly. I do it with my Xbox and computers.

  • over voltaged power brick can be fix ?

  • if u shove a sharp knife of razor blade in the seam and go back and froth you can cut through the supper glue

  • ring Microsoft and describe the fault and they will send you a brand new one for free

  • @proximxr
    Actually, I called today and they are $35 plus shipping (203w)

  • They’re $90…

  • buy a new power brick for $10 geez waste of time

    all i did was wiggled the power supply and it worked 5/5

  • I don’t know about corporate dicks. We had to do a redesign of a product (power supply) and make the fuse not user replaceable. A customer rather than replace a .55 cent fuse bypassed it with a wire. Well his house burned down and the company I work for got sued. Unfortunately the dumbest guy in the room dictates the design.

  • those corporate dicks. i feel sorry for anyone whose had to shell out 80 bucks for a 00.35 cent fuse. Do you know what the white frosting looking stuff is used for? It does a good job of making a mess.

  • Nice video! Man, I know, I cant get it open either! My brothers keeps overheating, so im trying to punch some more holes in it so it can breathe better. Thanks for the video!

  • Do you work at the ford place?

  • my dosent work cause i think what happened is that we had a power surge in my house or something like that and i saw no orange light when it was pluged in so dose anyone thing it could be a fuse

  • Look at my videos I’ll show you how to NEVER have you power brick over heat
    I also fix and mod xboxes look at my videos CIA360MODS add a fan to your power brick and stop geting the red light on your power brick…..

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