Xbox 360 Fix: Fix my Xbox 360

Xbox 360 rrod penny fix

does the penny fix really work? watch the video and find out :D UPDATE: as of 11-07-09, it still works perfectly i recently did the penny trick on my friend’s 360 and when i was finished, i turned it on and it had the 2 rings of death. I found out that loosening all of the screws does the trick and brings it back to the 3 red rings, then you can do the towel trick and ta-da!!!!

  • i got the same problem

  • I did this and now when i turn it on the fan runs really fast and loud then after a minute or so of playing my xbox turns off and gives me the two red rings. Why is this and how do i fix it?

  • does this also fixes the e 74 (1 red light) error? if it does, then would arctic silver 5 thermal grease work?

  • wtf u put the thermal grease on the cpu and gpu units u rard..

    thermal grease itnt sticky u will just make a mess ot it u simply take the red sticker a the white spongey things and put the penny (wrapped in electrical trape) onto them rofl its simple!!

  • no it doest it puts presure on the chips like the ana a.k.a hana chip to keep them in place

  • umm actually, alot of people would do this, instead of waiting 4 weeks to get it back from microsoft, this is a better choice

  • u do rrealise it just tricks the thermal sensor that the systems cooler ? thus making cxhipsets overheat even more and doing permanent damage , well done

  • @kayyfunk i did it took me like 1.5 hours or you could wait 2 weeks your lazy ass choice

  • wow really like anyone would really do all this work -.-

  • bittersweet symphony remix

  • bittersweet symphony remix

  • what music you used i liked it.

  • right on…

    But I bought two 360 for $20 each and I’m fixing them now always wanted a 360, but they were to expensive.

    $140 for a games system you originally bought for $400+ is a rip-off, no wonder people mod their systems

  • I did this and it worked however after like 5 minutes of game play it freezes as i turn it off it goes back to red ring of death can someone help me!!!

  • woah what music did you use!!!?!?!? i like

  • most people do self fixes because their warranty is up. there are more important things in life than 360.. which is why im not paying 100 dollars on it

  • yup u have everything rite but now do the towel trick. thats wat i did to mine. it should work

  • if you absolutely cannot get ahold of thermal paste/grease then go ahead and use super glue or a glue gun. Ive seen people do it and it worked

  • does it matter wat kind of glue i use……..wat if i use like the smallest drop of super glue,,,, would it work???? any 1 plz respond

  • lmaooo its funny how u got the red rings on the elite !!!!!

  • faggit microsoft could have FIXED THERE BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH THE 360 WITH 8 CENTS

  • iight me out here please..listen i followed this video step by step to the end..i used the same tools nd paste u have in this video..but when hit the power button the fan went on for a second nd the dvd drive didnt turn on butthe 3 red lights were still flashing i pluggd everything up the right u think u can try nd help me? please?

  • Like spelling :P

  • all people are not good on fix it so thats why i sad dont do it. i send my yesterday, ill get it fast i think about max 1 week so its good you people dont need to play all the time. try to get something to do. the are inpart things in life then playing xbox 360. just a tips :D

  • they take months and this is ez

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