Xbox 360 Fix: Fix my Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Slim RROD / Red Dot of Death FIX

Proof –

  • @polska340 Fanboy comment = Deleted.

  • what about E70? E64, E88 – all my mates have these on the slim what does they mean?

  • @TransformingLegoNerf im not a fan boy for anything but microsoft is fucking evil bro. i mean yea xbox 360 has some good ass games but i mean xboxs over heat (mines was an arcade and 2 months later it had the red ring of death and i had fans that made it cool) also u have to pay 50 dollars for online and stuff… well i can go on but im tired lol but hey i dont hate the xbox at all. I just hate the damn company thats all.

  • it makes me laugh how people are still talking shit of what entertainment system is better when the manufactures are making money and they dont give a crap which is better. they just want retarded people killing each other for their system..

  • @TeamUnkownkaz Get a Data transfer cable. 20 bucks.

  • @TransformingLegoNerf I must say that I agree in a way to, I would not say it sucks sucks, but the 360 is way better, the online is way more fun, and games like halo reach are must have games

  • @ramone2185 i have both, so you can trust I am not a fanboy, and trust me, I have left it on for days at a time, once for 11 days when I went out of town, and it was fine.

    That’s why they made the new one, to fix the overheat problem. :)

  • @Assassin6300 Yeah I have left mine on for days at a time, and it does not even get warm. The ps3 is great, and the 360 is too :)

  • i love ps3 but even with that im gettin this system and from wat ive heard it dosent overheat

  • Does the Xbox360 Slim have any “RDoD” issues? I’m thinking about buying one, but that’s my ONLY concern. I had 3 of my old 360′s get the RRoD, so that’s a major concern for me.

  • I agree rockoutdudepro. The PS3 does suck. Sure xbox LIVE is $5 a month. ITS ONLY 5 Bucks a month you cheap ps3 fanboys. ITS NOT SOMETHING YOU DAMN PS3 FANBOYS CAN CALL MICROSOFT CHEAP ABOUT!!!!! >=(

  • @johnnydicamillo ROFL means rolling on the floor laughing

  • Noo so i cant use my xbox 360 fat hardrive :( ill lose my profile but i can use recover gamertag cuz i had xbox live

  • Microsoft quit steeling Ps3s sweet design come on PS3 sucks

  • @weeeeeeee186 no prob and the old xbox 360s break so much i am fixing another xbox 360 for someone today hopefuly i will be able to get this working like mine

  • @johnnydicamillo My bad, I just get loads of bull sh*t comments everyday, my bad, and ROFL stands for Rolling on the floor laughing… My bad, I had just woke up, so I was not thinking :$

  • @weeeeeeee186 oh shit i am not trying to say that you are lying and i am not a xbox 360 hater because i currently have that i got for $27 and fixed it permanently, also that comment was supposed to be a joke lol, And this may seem dumb but what does ROFL!!! mean?

  • @johnnydicamillo ROFL!!! I just called and asked the same thing, and they asked which one I had, When I said slim they said that I had nothing to be worried about, because the RROD problem has been fixed. Record them saying that, then I will believe you, but I want to hear it.

  • actually i personally called them up and they said they haven’t fixed it yet and ask if i needed mine repaired because several other were currently being repaired too pm if you want me to record a call with them saying it is not fixed

  • @ottoleeverink yeah, maybee the same amount as the ps3, or wii.

  • it does dont say no it still breaks down

  • @dahood6986 Well it only does that to the disks if you pick up the console while it is playing a game. My Blu-ray player, my CD player, and my TV’s DVD player does it, I am sure the ps3 will as well, but I do not want to risk it.

  • i no were u comin form but i stell dont trust it. 360 is not a bad console but tomeny prb for me. They stell fuck up game.s and cd.s if thay wood have med the new xbox360 were it wont fuck game.s up then maybe ow by it.

  • @weeeeeeee186 I wouldnt say its as strong as ps3….like u said it still over heats, it just tells u and shuts down, ps3 doesnt do that i cant play my ps3 for hours, i just hope when i get my 360 i can do the same

  • I LOVE my ps3…i use to think 360 was crap, and it was. until now i cant fuckin wait till i get my 360 S, my friend already made the change, now its my turn (HERE I COME 360)

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